Stories can take us so many places! During our 2024 Summer Reading Program, we are celebrating all the stories that make up our very own community! Community members of all ages are invited to contribute to our Tell Your Story project, an effort to collect the memories and experiences found within Farmington and Farmington Hills.


We will be collecting story submissions throughout the Summer Reading Program, June 1 – July 28. At the end of Summer Reading, we will compile all of the story submissions into a physical and digital booklet for the whole community to enjoy. Telling your story is one of our global Summer Reading missions. Once you have submitted your story, don’t forget to log onto your Summer Reading account and log the mission as completed to earn points!


Do I have a story to tell? 

At the Library, we don’t know everything, but we do know stories. And we know that everyone has a story to tell! But it can be difficult to know where to start. For the Tell Your Story project, we have created 3 story prompts that you can choose from to help you tell your story. Long or short, grand or simple, your story matters!

Want some inspiration? Each week we are sharing a story from one of our staff members on our YouTube Channel! 

FCL Staff Stories


There are an infinite number of stories out there and we want to shine a light on what unites us as a community! Story submissions should follow one of the three prompts listed below for this year's community project.

Adventure Awaits: Tell us about an adventure that you have been on

What defines an adventure? That is for you to tell us! Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, from the mundane to the extraordinary. Some adventures happen on the way to the grocery store, others take place on daring adventures to new states or even other countries. Was the adventure planned? Or did you stumble upon it? Share the thrills, the unexpected turns, and the memories with us!  

Celebrating Connections: Tell us about someone that you care about

Who holds a special place in your heart? Perhaps it's a grandparent who ignited your passion for creativity, a best friend or sibling whose qualities inspire you, or your spouse with whom you've shared cherished memories. Dive into the stories of the remarkable individuals who have shaped your life.  

Life Lessons: Tell us about the most important lesson you have learned in life so far

Life is the best teacher! Reflect on your journey and share a valuable lesson you have learned. What pivotal moment reshaped your perspective? Was it a difficult or easy lesson to learn? Do you wish you had learned it some other way? Maybe someone else in our community is in the middle of learning the exact same thing.


How do I tell my story? 

You can submit your story digitally or physically. To submit your story digitally, you can type your story directly into the submission form on this web page beginning June 1, or download the word document template below and upload the document when submitting the form. Please note that when you click the link below, it will automatically download the word document. You may need to open the downloads tab on your web browser or check your desktop folder to view the downloaded file.

You can turn in physical copies of your story at the Information Desk of either FCL location. Printed copies of the story prompt sheets are available at both FCL locations if you would like to hand-write out your story and submit it.

Tell Your Story Word Template



  • Stories must be true as remembered by the storyteller
  • Stories must follow one or multiple of the Tell Your Story prompts
  • There are no story length requirements or restrictions
  • Multiple stories may be submitted
  • Stories will only be accepted June 1 - July 28, 2024
  • FCL reserves the right to decline submissions that include inappropriate or defamatory content and that go against the spirit of the Tell Your Story project

Story Attributions

The name and age of each storyteller will be attributed in the final booklet. However, this information is optional. If you choose to include your name and age with your submission, it will be listed exactly as it was submitted. You may submit a first name only. Submissions with no name listed will be attributed to "Anonymous."


Submission Form