What is Seed Library?

As with books at traditional libraries, seed libraries contain seeds that circulate among community members. The Farmington Community Seed Library provides free access to gardening resources and seeds that can be successfully grown in the local community.

The Seed Library is kept at our Farmington Hills location in one of the original Library card catalogs. Seed varieties will vary depending on availability from our donors.

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2024 Seed List & Growing Instructions

How to use the Seed Library

  • Choose seeds from the Library’s collection based on what you enjoy and the space and sunlight you have available. Please limit to 5 seed packets per family.
  • Each seed packet contains enough seeds for at least 3 plants. Smaller seeds are roughly measured to give enough for a good crop.
  • Plant your seeds in the ground after there is no chance of frost (late May – early June).
  • Enjoy fresh vegetables and flowers during the growing season!
  • Save your seeds for the next growing season, and if you are able, donate some back to the Farmington Community Seed Library for your neighbors!

Why Save Seeds?

Returning seeds to the Library helps to grow your community’s seed stock of non GMO organic seeds. Seed saving is the practice of collecting and storing mature seeds for planting in subsequent growing seasons. Once the original seed is planted and matured, the new seeds from the plant are harvested and returned to the Library to restart the cycle. When returning your seeds, make sure the seeds are dry and placed in the provided envelope with the label filled out.

Thank you to our Seed Library Sponsors!