The Farmington Community Library Board of trustees is composed of eight Trustees, with four appointed from the City of Farmington and four appointed from the City of Farmington Hills. Board members serve four-year terms. The Board is empowered to establish, maintain and operate a public library for the district and to establish a district library fund.

Regular board meetings are open to the public and are held on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Ernest E. Sauter Board Room on the second floor of the FCL Farmington Hills location. Board meetings are also streamed and recorded via Zoom. Zoom meeting details are included in the meeting notice posted at least one week before each regular Board meeting.

Community members may submit comments ahead of time to be read during the Board meeting using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

To view meeting minutes for Board meetings prior to 2020, please contact the Library's executive assistant at (248) 848-4303.

Current Board Members

Photo of Ernie McClellan, Jr.
Ernie McClellan, Jr.
President, Farmington Hills

Appointed Aug. 23, 2021
Term ends Feb. 1, 2026

Photo of Kathie Brown
Kathie Brown
Treasurer, Farmington Hills

Appointed Aug. 23, 2021
Term Ends Feb. 1, 2027

Photo of Jim White
Jim White
Secretary, Farmington

Appointed June 1, 2021
Term ends June 30, 2025

Photo of Renee Murphy
Renee Murphy
Trustee, Farmington Hills

Appointed Sept. 23, 2019
Term ends Feb. 1, 2025

Photo of Robert J. Hahn
Robert J. Hahn
Vice President, Farmington

Appointed June 8, 2018

Term ends June 30, 2024

Photo of Christine Doby
Christine Doby
Trustee, Farmington

Appointed Oct. 18, 2022

Term ends June 30, 2026

Photo of Dilhara Muthukuda
Dilhara Muthukuda
Trustee, Farmington

Appointed Aug. 7, 2023
Term ends Jun. 30, 2027

Photo of Sharon Snodgrass
Sharon Snodgrass
Trustee, Farmington Hills

Appointed Oct. 12, 2023
Term ends Feb 1, 2027

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Contact the Board

Comments and questions submitted using this form will be received by the Board President and Secretary. The Board Secretary will respond and may also include sharing the correspondence during regular board meetings. If you have a question regarding Library collections, events, or services, please contact Library staff.