Both Library locations have many books and DVDs to help you learn English. Next time you are at the Library, go to the Information Desk and ask for help finding the right materials. You will need a Library card to take items home with you.

Visit our For ESL Learners page to find out more information about conversation groups, ESL book discussions, and translation services.

Visit our Online Learning Hub to find online resources that have language learning courses, ESL resources, and help preparing for the U.S. Citizenship Test.

Online ESL Resources

Over 1,000 activities arranged by category to help students and teachers study English as a Second Language. A project of “The Internet TESL Journal” with contributions by many teachers.

Open Activities for ESL Students

Find English lessons on these topics:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • News
  • Business
  • For Teachers
  • For Children
  • Quizzes

Open BBC – Learning English

A site which offers a Help Center, materials on Grammar Lessons, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Quizzes, and Slang.

Open Dave’s ESL Café

This site includes lessons on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, quizzes, interactive games, jokes, speaking, listening, and more. Teachers will find lesson plans, a newsletter, job ads and forum.

Open English Club

40,000 free interactive lessons for beginning, intermediate, advanced and TOEFL learners.

Open English Practice

An encyclopedia reference work cataloging all of the world’s 6,912 known languages. It is frequently cited as a source of basic information on individual languages, language use, bilingualism and other topics.

Open Ethnologue

Recordings and texts are provided in over 7,000 languages.

Open Every Tongue

These courses were developed by the United States government and are in the public domain. Very detailed and comprehensive courses here are made available through the private efforts of individuals who are donating their time and resources to provide quality materials for language learning.

Open FSI Language Courses

A site that monitors trends in languages throughout the world.

Open Global Language Monitor

This site provides lessons in many languages to help improve speaking, reading, and writing.

Visit i Love Languages website

Word games, puzzles, quizzes, slang, proverbs, and more—for ESL students around the world.

Open Interesting Things for ESL Students

A monthly journal for teachers of English as a Second Language which includes articles, research papers, lesson plans, classroom handouts, teaching ideas and Web links.

Open Internet TESL Journal

Offerings include TOEFL, U.S. Citizenship Exam, Reading Skills Improvement and Writing Skills Improvement.

Open Learning Express Library

Livemocha is the first-of-its-kind online language-learning community. Lessons. Fun and interactive lessons that move at the right pace for you. Motivation. Track your progress and reach your goals with Livemocha tools.

Download LiveMocha

MITESOL is an acronym for Michigan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. It is an international association of English teaching professionals. Sites include fun links for students and teachers, MITESOL publications and membership information.


This site contains details of most alphabets and other writing systems currently in use, as well as quite a few ancient and invented ones. It also includes information about some of the languages written with those writing systems, multilingual texts, tips on learning languages, a book store, some useful phrases in many different languages, and an ever-growing collection of links to language-related resources.

Open Omniglot

This is the largest adult literacy organization in the U.S. Their mission is to teach adults and families with limited literacy skills reading, writing and English speaking skills.

Open ProLiteracy

A collection of general listening quizzes (audio files) consisting of everyday conversations with adult and children’s voices, separated into easy, medium, and difficult grades.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab – English Listening

A University of Iowa project. This site contains animations of the phonetic sounds of English, German and Spanish.

Open Sound of Speech

The main purpose of the UniLang Community is to provide an online site where people interested in languages can unite, openly discuss, and find resources related to language(s), linguistics and translations.

Open UniLang Community

A heavily audio-visual site. Free registration is required.

Open USA Learns

A searchable site by any topic including ESL, Adult New Reader. Contains government statistics, studies and reports on literacy issues.

Open US Department of Education