The Grants Collection provides the resources and guides nonprofits need for philanthropic success. The Collection includes titles on how to start a nonprofit, manage a nonprofit, nonprofit law, nonprofit leadership, volunteers, board governance, strategic planning, prospect research, major gifts campaigns, marketing, fundraising, proposal writing, and more!

This Collection is kept at the FCL Farmington Hills location. FCL cardholders may place any item on hold for pickup at the FCL Farmington location. Browse some of our recommended titles in popular nonprofit subjects below.

Nonprofit Fundraising Classes and One-on-Ones

Introductory classes are listed in our monthly brochures, and  posted on our event calendar. Sessions may be scheduled for groups or individuals both on and off-site. If you have questions about classes, nonprofit resources, or the Grants Collection, please contact Sherri Vaughn, Nonprofit & Business Outreach Coordinator.

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Sherri Vaughn
Business & Nonprofit Outreach Coordinator

FCL Farmington Hills
(248) 553-6873

Candid - Resources for Nonprofits

Candid is a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits access the most comprehensive data and insights about the social sector. FCL partners with Candid to provide free in-Library access to Candid products, services, classes and resources. As a Candid partner, FCL plays a vital role in providing communities with the fundraising and nonprofit resources they need to do good. You can access the following Candid products for free from within either Library location on the public computers or your own device:

Available for in-Library use only. Candid’s premier fundraising tool gives grant-seekers unprecedented access to the largest amount of clean and coded philanthropic data that currently exists. By combining exhaustive data with intuitive search functionality and informative data visualizations, FDO makes fundraising quick and efficient.

Open Foundation Directory

Available for in-Library use only. An interactive mapping platform with data on millions of grants that allows users to reflect on their foundation’s grantmaking activity, explore activity in the field, and discover new partners for collaboration.

Open Foundation Maps

Available for in-Library use only. Get detailed information on more than 10,000 foundations that give grants or scholarships to individuals. NEW: The application also provides direct access to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for individuals not associated with a nonprofit right on its homepage.

Open Grants to Individuals

Available for in-Library use only. Candid’s GuideStar website allows you to research over 1.8 million nonprofit 501©(3) charity organizations in the United States. Search by location, subject focus, populations served, and financials. Also, learn how to update your own nonprofit’s Candid Profile, earn Seals of Transparency, and become more visible to potential donors nationwide.

Open GuideStar


The following Candid Products are free for public use from anywhere:

Access all of Candid’s live and on-demand trainings, webinars, and other resources designed to improve your fundraising, overall sustainability, grantmaking, and transparency.

Open Candid Learning

Use this resource for tips on how to navigate the philanthropy classification system.

Open Philanthropy Classification System

Online Learning & Research Databases

FCL provides free public access to FCL cardholders to a variety of peer-reviewed research databases and online learning platforms. Visit our Online Learning Hub to find legal reference databases, professional development for business and nonprofit professionals, and more.

Additional Online Resources for Nonprofits

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Nonprofit Quarterly

Nonprofit Times

Philanthropy News Digest                                             

Planned Giving Today

Candid Resources:

The Grantsmanship Center